Hurray for the Romantic Times, and their wonderful judgement

Actually, an even bigger hooray for Ulyana Dejneka who completely made my month by sending me this…


I am so insanely excited and thrilled by this that I’m doing a Snoopy dance all round my study. Or. as we’re now calling it, a ‘Prince Harry.’ (Although I am not in the nip. And as far as I know, there is no one taking sneaky pics of me.)

This is such a nervy time, the month before the book comes out. I’m always at the stage where I’ve just read the thing too many times and all the jokes are clangingly obvious, and a whole raft of better ideas have now occurred to me, and I’m dying to give my heroine a good slap. So to get a lovely Top Pick from such a popular and well-respected magazine as Romantic Times is like a giant gin & tonic for the soul – ie, it cheers me right up and numbs me nicely for any shockers that are further down the pipeline…



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