#LoveQT on Twitter TOMORROW!!

Have you got a burning question about love? About etiquette? About the etiquette of love? About whether puppy pads are a good idea for housebreaking your dalmatian? Well, burn no more, a solution is at hand. As it were…

Tomorrow, at 4pm on Twitter, I’ll be answering any question from anyone about anything romance-related, whether it’s your own real life romance, or maybe one you’ve written. Are cash-based gift lists tacky? Can I wear white to a wedding? Is it wrong to put bridesmaids on a diet? Who gets the cat when you split up? Do I need an agent? Anything at all… Just ask!

Tweet your questions to @TheBookBar – my wonderful publishers Quercus’ online – with the #loveQT so they catch them, and watch out for your question tomorrow. Everyone who joins in is in with a chance of winning a free copy of The Honeymoon Hotel, out on the 11th!



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Hester Browne is a New York Times bestselling author. She likes cryptic crosswords, reeling, and Berger cookies.

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